// All poems submitted should be twin cinema. The rules of the form and some examples are available here. Poets may submit either original twin cinema (where the twin columns are meant to be read vertically separately) or modern twin cinema (where the twin columns can be read both horizontally across and vertically), or variants on the form as bounded by the limits of their creativity.
// The collection aims to engage with the rich connections and contrasts between Singapore and Hong Kong, and build poetic bridges between both cities. Poets are encouraged to reach out to their counterparts in the other city to learn more, or even engage with the urbanity and idiosyncrasies of the other city in their work, but we will not further constrain the content beyond the form.

// The open call will run from 8 Apr 2017 to 3 Jun 2017.
// Poets should send a maximum of five pieces each.
// Submissions should be sent to 
// The poems should be sent in an editable attachment form (Microsoft Word or Powerpoint). Please include your name and contact details in the body of the email.
// The collection is open to submissions all affiliated with Hong Kong and Singapore, either through birth, citizenship, residency, or a reasonable poetic connection.
// We prefer unpublished work. Prior published work may be submitted, but this should be cited in the submission. We take submission as a confirmation that the author holds rights to their own work.
// We accept simultaneous submissions.
// Poets whose work are selected for publication will receive AT LEAST a copy of the anthology and a contributor's discount on purchase of more copies. Further royalties may be possible pending grants but are not guaranteed.
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a Hong Kong-born poet, editor, translator and academic. She is the founding co-editor of the first Hong Kong-based online literary journal, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, and an editor of the academic journals Victorian Network and Hong Kong Studies. She has edited or co-edited several volumes of fiction and poetry from Hong Kong: Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology (Department of English, HKU, 2006), Love & Lust (Hong Kong Writers’ Circle, 2008), Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz (Chameleon, 2014) and Quixotica: Poems East of La Mancha (Chameleon, 2016). She has published essays on, among other research areas, Hong Kong literature, culture, and politics and Chinese literature and translation, while her translations of others’ writings can be found in World Literature Today, Chinese Literature Today and Drunken Boat. Her first poetry collection is Hula Hooping (Chameleon, 2015) and in 2016, she was awarded the Young Artist Award in Literary Arts from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council for her poetry and contribution to the local writing community. She is an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, where she teaches poetics, fiction, and modern drama. She is also a Vice President of PEN Hong Kong, relaunched in November 2016.

Joshua Ip is the author of three volumes of poetry from Math Paper Press. His debut collection, sonnets from the singlish (2012) won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2014. He won the Golden Point Award for English Prose in 2013, was runner-up for English Poetry in 2011, and received a Honorable Mention for Chinese Poetry in 2015. He has co-edited six poetry anthologies: A Luxury We Cannot Afford (2014), SingPoWriMo 2014: The Anthology (2014), SingPoWriMo 2015: The Anthology (2015), SingPoWriMo 2016: The Anthology (2016), A Luxury We Must Afford (2016), and Unfree Verse (2017). He is currently working on his first graphic novel, Ten Stories Below (2016). He is the founder of Sing Lit Station, a literary charity that runs multiple community initiatives, including SingPoWriMo, Manuscript Bootcamp, and several workshop groups. He also writes an irregular column, Ipster Cafe, for The Middle Ground.


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